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Looking for a strong woman to take on the apocalypse?

Look no further. Women of the Apocalypse promotes female authors and authors who write strong female characters in the Post-Apocalyptic genre.

Women of the Apocalypse is a place where you can find post-apocalyptic books by women authors and about strong women. It is a place where you can interact with your favorite post apocalyptic authors and find new authors to love.

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Post Apocalyptic Authors:

You'll find Amazon bestselling Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Fiction right here. From Kyla Stone and her Nuclear Dawn series to D Stalter and her Post Apocalyptic Woman series. From P.A. Glaspy's Powerless World and Perilous Miles series to Ginger Booth's Calm Act series. See our complete list of authors with links to their books on our author's page.

You'll also find more great post apocalyptic books over at the Written Apocalypse. The Written Apocalypse features the best authors of the apocalypse who focus on writing dystopian and apocalyptic books for all readers.

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The Prepper's Journal is a monthly newsletter packed with prepper tips and recipes. Easy to follow and formatted to make printing and filing quick and painless, the post-apocalyptic newsletter offers information you'll need in the event of any disaster.

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