Three Prepping Tips

A tip from D Stalter

Color code your information. In Allison’s Secret, Allison had different colored notebooks. Red was for gardening, black had nutritional needs and green had notes on preserving foods. In the book I’m currently writing, Theresa has different colored index cards. She uses white cards for food/recipes, yellow for first aid and medicine and orange for shelter and fire.

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A tip from Linda L. Zern

A tip from Hurricane Apocalypse Land: Headlamps beat flashlights – hands down and hands free. They are great for kids, keep your hands free, use smaller batteries, and put out a ton of light.

Linda L. Zern is the author of the Strandline series.   


A tip from DJ Cooper

DJ Cooper reminds you; it’s fall, the change in the season should bring a change in some of your preps. When the end came in her Dystopia Series of books, her characters made sure to prepare things they’d need for the season. It’s time to begin evaluating your BOB, EDC, and car kit for the upcoming winter. Even if you don’t have harsh winters like her characters did in the Northeast, it is still time to rotate. Changing of seasons means different things are needed. things like warm gloves and hats should be added and things that can be damaged by freezing should be removed from the vehicles. Adding some extra fire starting materials could save your life if you get stranded.

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